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SOLDANO Supercharger GTO Reissue

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SOLDANO Supercharger GTO Reissue

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Product Description


The ruggedly-built Supercharger G.T.O. is a very versatile device. An all-tube, line boost/overdrive pedal which incorporates the same circuitry used in the preamp of our legendary 100 watt Super Lead Overdrive.

The Supercharger G.T.O. has three gain controls—Gain, Tone and Output. With the Gain set low and the Output cranked up, the Supercharger G.T.O. acts as a line booster to cleanly overdrive the input of your amp. Dialing up the Gain and lowering the Output reveals the sonic legacy of the Supercharger G.T.O. as it creates the tasteful crunch, massive sustain and full, rich tone—the “Soldano Sound” for which our amplifiers are known.

The Supercharger G.T.O. gets its tone from two 12AX7 tubes, which operate at the same voltage as in an amplifier, achieving that real tube sound. A relay switch provides a true, hardware bypass, so the sound isn’t colored when it’s switched out. Just like all Soldano products, the Supercharger G.T.O. is hand-built in our custom shop in Seattle, Washington, USA.

If you’re looking for true high-performance in an overdrive pedal, ignore the rest and go for the best; The Soldano Supercharger G.T.O.!


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