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Gurus Amps produces great amps and pedals, We also love the craft of recreating and re-engineering some of the most gloryified gear of the past. After we explored the British territory with the award winning 1959Doubledecker, we chose to explore the American side of Tone. We drew inspiration from the legendary American amps of early 60’, the 1963 Vibroverb, where vibrato and reverb became a necessary tone additive. It was a very difficult challenge for both the Reverb and Vibrato because we could not use the same technology in a pedal due to the low tension. We needed to find a totally new way to make a optic tremolo that achieved the same feeling of the real one.and make a Sinusoidal waveform that works the best with your guitar and overall tone. 
For the reverb technology, we involved Accutronics™. that makes the small real springs tanks to fits into our pedal chassis. All of the hard work paid off allowing Gurus to produce the SINUSOID, the first 100% analog, tube driven Reverb - Vibrato pedal on the market. 

- Two independent effects recallable by Footswitches individually or combined.
- REVERB: a real tube driven analog Reverb circuit equipped with an ACCUTRONICS™ Double springs tank. Fine tuning of the frequencies let us achieve the feeling of those famous vintage 60’s spring reverb tanks.
- VIBRO: a real tube driven Optical tremolo circuit, uses a Sinusoidal Wave coupled with our own Gurus proprietary technology using LDR to perfectly match the character of Vintage Vibrato channels, making it stand out from all the other digital or analog tremolo effect units on the market today.
- Remote outs for connections with analog switchers. This lets you remotely use the pedal and operate it outside of your pedalboard where this might cause undesired mechanical noises. NOTE: Remote switcher must have Clean Contacts, without common ground wiring.

Sinusoid drains around 230mA on 9VDC and 300mA on 12VDC, HOWEVER, having an internal power output section (1,2W amp) that drives the reverb tank the draining depends by input signal, so it may need up to 400mA on 12VDC.
So, be sure to use a standard Negative TIP Power Supply with enough current for optimum performance.

Here you can see the incredible frequency response of Sinusoid, a full range 20-20Khz that makes it suitable for all applications and any instrument.

When designing the Reverb side of Sinusoid, we collaborated with Accutronics™, coupled with our driving circuit, GURUS was able to perfectly reproduce, the same tone, feel, and response of theVintage Spring Reverb Tanks.
GURUS SINUSIOD gives you the sound and feeling of those great famous vintage and now expensive amps of the 60’s

Techincal Details:

Power 9VDC (Negative Tip)  MAX 300 mA 
Power 12VDC (Negative Tip)  MAX 400 mA 
Max Consumption  410 mA 
Signal to Noise  110db typical 
Frequency response  20Hz to 20000Hz 
Input Impedance  <1M Ohm 
Output Impedance  <100K Ohm 
Max Input Level  1,5Vpp 
Bypass Switching  Double In/Out Buffers 
Reverb Tank Amplifier  SS 1,2W RMS 
Reverb FX Mix: (parallel connection)  Max. 50% 
Vibrato Circuit  Full Sino Opto-Resistor equipped 
Vibrato Intensity  0 to -10db 
Vibrato Speed:  116 to 384bpm 
Tube Type  12AU7 (Shuguang) 
Remote switching  ON-ON Mom. Clean contact switch 1/4” TRS jack 
Dimensions  220x130x50mm. - 8x5x2inches 
Weight  0,600Kg. - 1,32 lbs 
Main Power  DC PLUG 5,5 x 2,1mm. 
Input  Guitar Input 1/4” jack 
Output  To Amp In 1/4” jack


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