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Medium gain overdrive with flexible tonal options.
Two mode gain knob, 3 way tone switch with variable high cut as well as variable frequency mid cut.

The Overtdrive. " How many overdrives have you owned? I've owned perhaps 15 through the years. Some have been great, some have been whatever.  

Let me say it very plainly: the Overtdrive is absolutely killer. It's basic voice is full and thick, with plenty of everything. Lows, highs, mids, crunch, clarity, balls and punch... everything you want, if you want big a$$  overdrive tone. To my ears, it doesn't sound so much like a cranked amp, and it doesn't want to gently tip your amp into natural overdrive, like a horsie sidling up to a bale of hay (nudge nudge). It's more like a bull rampaging through Pamplona, impaling everything on its horns, nature at its most powerful, the hell with those fools who get in the way.  

The switch controls three basic voices, including a scooped mids setting, a fat mids setting, and a bright setting. I like the middle, fat mids setting best with my various rigs, but I'm not a scooped mids guy except for fun. The drive control, IMHO sounds great from minimum to about 2:00, after which the diode clipping begins to erode the chunkiness that I find so compelling in the pedal."


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