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Product Description


The Glacial Zenith, tip of the iceberg. 

The remaining 90% of the marvel goes unseen below the surface. What you see is anotheroverdrive. 

What you don’t see...

is a dynamic dirt box, capable of mild to wild.  Go from true transparency to square wave fuzz.  We are floating…

The Glacial Zenith was designed to allow dialing in amazing tone in 10 seconds or less.  If thats not enough, the GZ reveals an independent overdrive, an independent boost, and a sophisticated routing system for stacking and manipulating gain stages by stringing them into one another via the BEFORE/AFTER toggle - which is what separates this box from the rest.

The BEFORE/AFTER toggle gives users the power to select drive followed by a boost (great for leads), or boost followed drive (creating fuzzy mayhem). Throw the LOW toggle into the equation and you have myriad of sonic capabilities.  The LOW toggle offers three bass voicings, from conservative low end for purists, boosted low end for modern tones, and thick low end with rich fundamental content for bassists.

It’s a clean boost.  It’s an overdrive.  It’s a distortion.  It’s a fuzz. 

...And it’s yours for the tweaking.

Overdrive is the easiest thing to get wrong and the hardest thing to get right.  The Glacial Zenith is unlike any other overdrive on the market and takes the guesswork out of selecting the right overdrive. 


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