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FAIRFIELD Shallow Water

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FAIRFIELD Shallow Water

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Product Description


Poolside conversations while staring at your own reflection. The depths of which shall never be known, at least not for another couple thousand years. So it goes.

Before the reflection, is the experience. Before phenomena, or even noumena, is that which is undefinable. That which has never been heard, that which will never be heard again and that which has always been heard but never listened to.

K-field (Simulation mathematics), an  undefined, two-dimensional, non-linear field where past and future forces interact at irregular intervals. Shallow Water generates this k-field by randomly modulating a short time delay to create unexpected shifts in pitch. The result is this non cyclical vibrato/chorus/flanger-type thing favouring old tape flavours.

The water is shallow on this side of the pool. Do not dive and you will not drown.


Shallow Water’s essence could be characterized as uncertain, subtle and nostalgic.

Practically, this describes an effect built around your typical analogue chorus/vibrato circuit wherein the signal is delayed by a few dozen milliseconds using
a bucket brigade device. Another signal then modulates this delay time to create changes in pitch, called vibrato. Chorus is achieved by mixing the original signal with the delayed signal, creating the
moving comb lters that tickle our ears and feather our bangs.

Still, major differences can be noticed when studying the k- eld modulator’s architecture. The most striking are how the delay time

is modulated in a random fashion and how the recovery lter moves in relation to the input signal.

Both these differences place Shallow Water in a category of its own, appropriately called k- eld modulators.

As the present gets lost, the future becomes the past.



The random quality of the modulation begins in a simple pro- gram residing on a microcontroller. Its output resembles steps of random voltages, seperated by random time intervals. The RATE control effectively sets the overall range of these time intervals.


These random stepped voltages are processed through a lter/ integrator, giving control over the slope at which the steps
will reach their new values. As DAMP is increased, the random steps become slow and sluggish, instead of sharp and abrubt.
DEPTH de nes the amount of modulation that will be used to modulate the time delay of our input signal. There is a strong interaction between all three controls affecting modulation; that is, RATE, DAMP and DEPTH.


Once the input signal has passed through the delay line, a recovery lter and some kind of gate is necessary to remove unwanted noise generated by the bucket brigade device. To achieve this, the input’s envelope is followed and used to mod- ulate the frequency of a low pass lter. The amount of envelope is set by the LPG control, yielding bouncy, lo- responses to quick and snappy gate-like behaviours.

- 1/4” mono input/output jacks
- 2.1mm DC connector
- 4.7” x 3.8” enclosure dimensions


- true bypass
- input impedance - output impedance - power supply
- current draw


Shallow Water was designed to operate using your typical centre negative, regulated 9-9.6 VDC power supply. The pedal is protected against reversed polarity and overvoltage conditions. Always check your power supply for proper voltage and polarity before con- necting. There is no battery connection inside the pedal. 


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