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FRIEDMAN Buffer Bay 6

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FRIEDMAN Buffer Bay 6

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Product Description


The Friedman Buffer Bay is a simple solution that incorporates Dave's wealth of experience and knowledge providing players an innovative tool which can be easily implemented to ANY pedal board or easily mount  into any Friedman branded pedal board.

The Buffer Bay accomplishes two basic things.

First - it is an ultra transparent, natural and musical sounding buffer, which can be turned on

or off using the provided switch. The buffer solves the fundamental problem of loading loss

caused by interconnected cables and some pedals. This "loss" siphons your guitar of fidelity,

tone and volume level. This problem occurs even if all the pedals used are true bypass and

the more pedals and longer the cable runs, the greater the losses.

The Buffer Bay 6 circuitry, when engaged, sounds identical to your guitar straight into the amp!

You can access the buffer using the buffers IN connector on one side of the Buffer Bay and

Buffer Out on the other side. 

Second- the Buffer Bay is a patch bay with the following benefits:

• Cleans up all of the connections on your pedal board.

• Allows for tighter pedal placement on the board (you no longer need to access

the jacks on certain pedals).

• Lets you have all cables from your board in the same location allowing neater chord

runs on stage.

• Your pedal chain in permanently connected making setup and takedown quick

and painless.

• Saves the life of the jacks on your pedals by not plugging in cables ever y time you play.

• Easily configure your input or output in hard to reach places.

The Buffer Bay 6 includes 5 identical 1/4" TRS (tip, ring, sleeve) in and out connections and a Buffered TS (tip, sleeve) connection (can be turned ON/OFF via switch). It also provides a 7 pin MIDI thru connection. The Buffer Bay 6 can be used for a wide variety of connection schemes. Once the Buffer Bay is configured on your board, simply plug your guitar and amp in and you no longer have to fight with your first and last pedals.

Using an extra patch cable you can easily go from using an amp with an effects loop to

using one without.


  • Ultra transparent, natural and musical sounding buffer
  • 5 identical 1/4" TRS (tip, ring, sleeve) in and out connections
  • Buffered TS (tip, sleeve) connection (can be turned ON/OFF via switch)
  • 7 pin MIDI thru connection 

Dimensions: 3.5" x 4.75" x 1.75"

Weight:  1 lbs.


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